A Night Off – Booty Bay Ball

“The 6th annual Booty Bay Ball was the perfect excuse for a number of us to cut loose for a night before the Seige of Org.  The sights at the Ball were a bit chaotic, and fun. Typical and true to our nature, we ended up huddled around a table playing drinking games with dice instead of socializing. Interestingly, the drinking game attracted a few others who decided to play with us. The rules of the drinking game is simple.

‘Deader Dice’ RP Drinking Game: using the dice roller have everyone playing roll. Whoever rolls the lowest is the person who has to share personal truth or a lie about them self. If caught lying the person drinks. Players who guess the story wrong drink.

Years ago, I use to play Deader Dice while sitting around in the Gallow’s End between deployments. Tonight was a good night to teach the old tradition to a few new shovelheads.

Up next….the liberation of the Undercity from the KorKron. No mercy. -U”

Deader Dice with a few ….outsider additions.

The Ball itself was rather sprawled out, with various social circles present.

There were a few confrontations between the likes of Alliance and Horde. Worgen and Forsaken just do not mix well: ever.

The bar inside was just as busy.

There was a wide variety of….interesting attire worn for the evening.

Not everyone wore formal attire for the evening…

The Jade Formal Ball

“It is not often that undead are asked out to attend social functions. Much to our surprise, and delight Chiyomii and Huron invited us our for a formal social gathering in the Jade Temple. The night was pleasant, and the social mingled was mixed with political alliance forging. The road ahead for the Horde shall be a long one, but it will be made easier with strong connections. -B”

(Special thanks to the Extropic Institute crew for inviting us and for running such a wonderful event.)