Deployment: Hammerfall

8-10-2016 8-15-26 PM

“We knew it was only a matter of time before we were issued order to ride out, most of us separately and scattered to the wind among other units. I pulled strings, and did what I must through some red tape magic to keep most of the rotters under the bones together as a unit for this assignment.  As we have done for for years, we rallied in the ruins and from there received our shadow blessing. The blessing was granted to us by our War Priest, Grim. From there we rode, to face the horrors that awaited on a forward front in the field at Hammerfall. -#1971U”

8-10-2016 8-56-59 PM


The Skies Rain Green Fire

8-9-2016 6-26-07 PM8-9-2016 9-31-24 PM
OOC: UCN has kicked full swing into the Legion storyline, and have run a Broken Shore campaign. We are now involved in the Rise Of The Legion Campaign. The guild is heavily active once more, with people eagerly embracing rp once more as the server springs back to life with fresh new content.

Fire Festival and Queen Tweedles

6-21-2016 9-46-05 PM

“The annual Fire Festival is underway. Seeing as many of us are attending this event which also includes a large number of Alliance, we thought to bring an abomination by the name of Tweedles with us as added muscle and security. Our own presentation at the Festival is a satire court, in which we opted to make Tweddles our Duchess. As a part of the Festival a King and Queen is voted in from the Dukes and Duchesses representive of each group. When we sent Tweedles up to represent us, ther was a notable wave of shocked reactions. Regardless of the initial shock, Tweedles soon became a favorite of the crowd and was elected Queen of the Fire Festival…”



Roadside Ambush & The Slaughter

5-26-2016 8-16-03 PM

“While riding out to confront fresh cult activity in the Glades, our riders were ambushed on the road by our own undead brethren and a mysterious figure. The confrontation was bloody, and went poorly for us. Dare say had our members been mortal most would be dead along that road. The initial cult we rode out to investigate was later found to be dead as well. -U “

5-26-2016 9-15-45 PM


Reunification Of The Horde Call To Arms

5-18-2016 8-47-30 PM

The Reunification meeting itself was heavily attended, and well guarded.

5-18-2016 8-12-37 PM

Opening speech by Larrendias.

5-18-2016 8-15-45 PM

Opening speech by Larrendias.

5-18-2016 10-10-36 PM

Returning to the Undercity Proper, we had a small debriefing and collectively addressed the matter of the severed head we seem to have kidnapped from the Labs.