High Command Ordered Seasonal Observation

“By order of High Command, we are to observe the seasonal celebration to boost morale. Failure to observe seasonal festivities will result in Forsaken failing to show cheer to be marked for recycling due to brain rot being so advanced as to prevent the undead from presenting suitable cheer.”

Necromancy Repair Services (RP Event)

Thursday at Tavern Night all undead are welcome to drop in for Necromantic Repair Services. Characters who were injured in the line of service at the recent Conquest campaign are given priority for their service to the Horde.

  • Location: Ambermill
  • When: Dec 2nd, 2021 (Thursday)
  • Time: 9pm Server / 10 EST
  • Contact: Banshih
  • Server: Moon Guard – US

Disclaimer: This rp session will include medical rp, body horror, and more mature themes.

Forsaken Noble Gathering – Border Edict

“A great many Forsaken, who are still standing landed nobility within Lordaeron borders, were summoned to weight in on the matter of border security to help draft an edict regarding defense of our lands. With a few revisions and adjustments that night a border edict was agreed upon and issued to those nations nearest to our borders, and those who cross into our territorial claims.”

Alliance & Horde Summit

“As one would expect, diplomatic efforts between the Alliance and Horde was an utter failure. On this occasion the Alliance called for a meeting to address the warrants the Forsaken have issued against criminals within the borders of Lordaeron.”

Notice of Warrant of Arrest for: Ascania, Terez (RP)

Notice of Warrant of Arrest for: Ascania, Terez; Pseudonym Despot of Eastburg, Lady High Demagogue of the Stormwind House of Nobles

Issued by: Lordaeronian Strategic Command
Authorized by: REDACTED
Date of Issue: Redacted
Reward: Yes – Ennoblement Baron within the Court of Menethil, twenty thousand coin weight in gold real value to be paid in land, life force spell reagent, or an appropriate mixture of the three, indemnity for loss of life, property, planar stability, regional infrastructure, local temporal linearity, planned or unplanned release of area of effect arcano-tech, bio-alchemical or temporal-disruptive munitions, or harm to ennobled bloodline continuity while persecuting this warrant as well as legitimization of any war booty seized during field operations. Suspension of humanoid rights violation prohibitions for the duration of any operation is provisionally approved.
Desired respiratory state: metabolically active (liquidation not authorized for field teams)

Crimes: Enacting an illegal war without declaration or state approval against the nation of Lordaeron. Financing paramilitary forces in an attempt to topple the Lordaeronian State. Leading paramilitary forces directly in assaults against the people of Lordaeron and their holdings. Invasion of Lordaeronian capital during time of national emergency. Theft of historically significant artifacts belonging to the nation of Lordaeron’s royal line. Supporting anti-Menethil reactionary forces guilty of treason. Collaboration with those guilty of attempted genocide against several Northern populations.

Notes: A Southern warlord and descendant of treasonous pre-war nobility, the Despot of Eastburg Terez Ascania has previously massed a military force to directly assault the Lordaeronian capitol during a time of national emergency. While it is not typical for Strategic Command to become directly involved with law enforcement actions, this case warrants unusual steps due to the severity of the atrocities leveled against our beloved nation by this enemy of the North, foe of the Menethil line, and menace to the people of Lordaeron. Using her position as a tyrant under the boy king as a shield, this woman, scion of a cursed and traitorous line, raised an army to wage an unlawful and illegitimate war during a time of official armistice. High Command considers her apprehension critical for both national security and territorial integrity reasons as an example must be made. Capture teams are instructed to ignore potential collateral damage and arms limitations treaties as the Tyranny of Eastburg is as of the official printing of this document, considered a rogue state by Strategic Command.

Yet We Still Stand
In Service to Queen and Country
Lordaeron Strategic High Command
Signed And Issued: Executor Sir Leondras Rommal and [REDACTED]

OOC DISCLAIMER: This is consensual rp, and all players involved agreed to this post. For ooc questions please feel free to contact Banshih or Terez. To coordinate rp regarding this warrant, please contact Banshih or Terez. This wanted poster can be found in Horde territories, as well as neutral locations like Booty Bay. Additionally, one or two posters would curiously find their way into Stormwind.

This rp is a part of the Dance Of The Dead event: Dance Of The Dead – Oct 21st & 22nd, 2021 (RP & RP-PVP) 1

Field Report- Ambush of Scarlet forces in Western Tirisfal Glades

Forces Present:
Bendricus Volheim, Co-Commander Deathguard
Leondras Rommal, Co-Commander Deathguard
Deathstalker #3225L
Deathstalker #535L
Lizette Lastlife
Lord Bolregar Gordenthor
Robert Grimsley
Matthew Kelsin
Wilfer Venomdepth
Forsaken Apothecary on loan from High Command ( WrA visitor)

With sparse reports regarding larger troop movements amongst the Scarlet remnants, High Command, unwilling to endure another defeat, detached Lord Volheim to assist Executor Leondras Rommal, who, along with a Lightslayer and a Deathstalker, rallied a myriad contingent of militia forces. After a brief reconnaisance by the Deathstalker and Lightslayer, the Scarlets were found.

The militia forces managed to catch the Scarlets by surprise, though this force was much more considerable, both in quantity, and the apparent strength of arms. Yet, despite some earlier losses, the Forsaken rallied, and, with the Lightslayer forcing the High Abbot from the field, and, a fierce counter-attack from the Deathstalker and Lord Volheim, amongst others, the latter bringing low three of the Crusaders in open combat.

After the exchange of blows, the High Abbot, the very one sought by High Command, was wisked away by one of their Crimson Magi, before the Magus herself had an eye ripped out by the Lightslayer, the coward fleeing herself. Injuries amongst the Forsaken were not debilitating, no recycling needed.