[RP-PVP] We Ride

“Reports had reached us that there with an active Alliance military deployment riding north. Once reports confirmed their sighting in the Arathi lowlands, we marshaled our forces and rode out to meet our old foe once more. There was no middle ground to give, so close to the rightful borders of our homes, and upon the old territory defended by the Defilers we would not back down.”

OOC: We had a great rp-pvp battle against The First Regiment as a part of an ongoing campaign regarding Fenris Isle.

[RP-Event] Oath Swearing Ceremony & Tournment

———— Oath Swearing Ceremony & Tournament ————

“Our way forward is laid before us, and the Desolate Council shall lead the way. Sons and daughters of Lordaeron, rejoice for the rightful heir and claimant to the Crown of Lordaeron has returned to us. No longer shall the wolves at our door have an easy stake or claim upon our homes.” – Shadow Sister Ellemina Whisperdark, daughter of Lordaeron, Forsaken.

:small_blue_diamond: Date: July 16th, 2022
:small_blue_diamond:Time: 8pm central / 9 pm eastern
:small_blue_diamond:Factions: Horde / Neutral / Alliance (please bring tongues elixir). This is a formal ceremonial event of State, as such all factions are welcome to witness it.
:small_blue_diamond:Hosted By: Eternal Court Of Lordaeron , Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ncezsSjYJJ
:small_blue_diamond:Requirement: Characters need to be level 60, and have completed the 9.2.5 patch content. We are using the patch throne room of Lordaeron, which does not flag Alliance players.
:small_blue_diamond: Tournament D20 RP-PVP: Following the Oath Swearing ceremony, there will be a D20 RP-PVP tournament to celebrate the formation of the Desolate Council and the return of Calia Menethil to her people.
:small_blue_diamond:Tournament Prize Pool: 100,000 gold split between 1st and 2nd place. First place is 60,000g and second place is 40,000g. The prize pool is open to Horde & Alliance.
:small_blue_diamond: OOC Contact For Questions: Banshih (h), Stahlhafên (h) on Moon Guard.
:small_blue_diamond:Server: This event is open to all RP servers. Anchors are on Moon Guard.

OOC: This open rp event with a chance for characters to renew their oaths of loyalty. The oath in question will address the Desolate Council foremost as the new leadership core of the Forsaken, which also includes Calia Menethil. Following the oath swearing ceremony, there will be a rp-pvp d20 tournament open to all players on any rp servers.

OOC Event Timeline: Formation > March > Assembly In Throne Room > Oaths > Tournament

Coalition Of The Horde – June 2022 Gathering

“It was our esteem honor to bring to the Coalition Of The Horde the news of the formation of the Desolate Council, and the return of Calia Menethil to the North. It is our deepest hope that in turning our interests inward towards restoration and rebuilding that we might finally see a small window of peace and rest.”

Coalition Of The Horde Summit

“Once more the Coalition Of The Horde gathered to discuss affairs facing us. Various leaders took their place at the central debate table and there addressed various concerns facing us collectively and individually. Before the floor, the matter of events that transpired in Altrac was addressed, and once that session was ended I brought to the table information and updated regarding the long-standing war in Silverpine Forest against the feral Bloodfang Pack. – U “

Field Report: Sludgefields

As you may know, Lord Venomdepth order me to investigate The Sludgefields after the interference we encountered through our comm-units. When I arrived I was relieved to see that the Sludefields showed no signs of an attack. However, as I questioned the guards stationed there I discovered that Executor Darthalia launched an attack on Shadowfang Keep, and Sir Rommal was part of the invading force. I made my way towards Southpoint Gate and once there I discovered that the Executors’ attack was unsuccessful. Our forces were forced to retreat, leaving behind much of our equipment, our soldiers, and even Sir Rommal himself.

Normally I would assume that he is dead, however yesterday evening the communicator sparked up once more. In the message that was received, it appears that Sir Rommal is still alive and is holding out against the worgens assault. At this point I am unsure of Sir Rommal’s current status, he could have fallen or been captured. I wait patiently to see if the communicator goes off once more. ~Orion

From the Desk of Baron Bendricus Volheim, Lord of Cragreach

“From the Desk of Baron Bendricus Volheim, Lord of Cragreach,

Report Number 29-4 

A few days prior, one of the militia, while on patrol, came upon an anomaly in the forests near the old Balnir Farmstead. When going to investigate, they were subsequently set upon by a strange force, one that, for a time, had control of her mental faculties. After a span of time, estimated at five hours, they recovered, and fled from the area, reporting back to Ambermill…

This evening, a force was dispatched, consisting of nearly a dozen militia members, including a Deathstalker, a trio of adherents of the Cult, and soldiers of the Deathguard, including myself. When our force entered the area of engagement, we were immediately beset upon by void horrors, creatures that reached out from portals, and set about to snare our forces, all to drag them into said portals. After some heavy fighting, the militia dispatched the creatures and moved onward. A note that, at this point, during the struggle, a horse rode past, alerting us to the presence of Scarlets in the area.

The speculation of their presence was soon confirmed, as, when our forces reached the perimeter of the farm, swarms of mindless undead, some clearly void corrupted, ambushed the Forsaken forces, who, by the efforts of the shadow adherents, had their wounds tended to just moments prior. The mindless undead were slain with ease. Through the undead, and, a trio of… undead horses that have become addicted to undead flesh, the militia soon reached the center of the farmstead. The field before the barn was covered in half-eaten and dismembered corpses, bearing Forsaken, Argent and Scarlet tabards and armor.

As the militia forces sought to check the corpses, a pair of strange figures appeared from the barn. The first, an angelic figure, one that, if one had a pulse, would have found quite desirable, sang a hauntingly beautiful song. The song sent whispers into our minds, causing us great fear and trepidation, as the other figure, a void-corrupted Dark Ranger, assaulted our ranks, and, while injuries and damage mounted, our forces soon prevailed, the marksman Orion landing a mortal blow upon the Ranger.

With the remaining void forces destroyed, the Scarlets, who were fighting the same forces on the northern edge of the farm, soon sought combat, and, despite our best efforts, managed to force us from the area, denying us the valuable resources in body parts and supplies. “

Conquest Everfrost – Horde Deployment

The Cult Of Forgotten Shadow preparations for the arrival of the Horde deployment.
Sniper cover was provided as cover for the arriving Horde deployment as they arrived in TM. Once in TM the Horde was met by a formal military reception.

Conquest Everfrost Summit

“The Horde and Alliance hosted a Summit to address the concerns brewing in Altrac. Alas, the meeting was largely derailed by disruptive egos who had no interest in addressing greater threats, so much as hurling repetitive insults.

Still, there is comfort in the predictability of patterns. Expected disappointment, is expected.

Most amusing was the extent to which the Alliance desperately projected their own desire for ill-deeds onto the Forsaken, laying many accusations at our feet. Only to then announce that they planned to do the very things they accused us of.

Still, there is comfort in the predictability of patterns. Expected disappointment, is expected. -#1971U”