The Skies Rain Green Fire

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OOC: UCN has kicked full swing into the Legion storyline, and have run a Broken Shore campaign. We are now involved in the Rise Of The Legion Campaign. The guild is heavily active once more, with people eagerly embracing rp once more as the server springs back to life with fresh new content.

Talador: Betrayal

“Moving past the distraction of the newly discovered mana bomb, the Nexus met with Crowford’s contact at Sunspear Watch: Dark Ranger Valustria. During the Dark Ranger’s time in Talador, she told of a secret path to the Gorian outpost to obtain what the Nexus were after all along — a potent artifact to stabilize a portal between Warspear and the Undercity. Through careful maneuvering and quick thinking, the Nexus obtained an artifact called the “World Mirror” from an Ogre arcanist, O’zegg the Mad Magician. The victory was short lived as the thought-to-be ally, Sarallel Felstrider, betrayed the Nexus; she showed her true colors as a Dreadlord of the Burning Legion and plans to use the World Mirror to usher in the end of Draenor.”