Desert Patrol

2019-02-18 02_46_46-Window“Patrolling the desert ruins by night is preferred, as the campfires of Alliance forces betray just where they sleep.” (RP-PVP Campaign this week and next)

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Deployment: Hammerfall

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“We knew it was only a matter of time before we were issued order to ride out, most of us separately and scattered to the wind among other units. I pulled strings, and did what I must through some red tape magic to keep most of the rotters under the bones together as a unit for this assignment.  As we have done for for years, we rallied in the ruins and from there received our shadow blessing. The blessing was granted to us by our War Priest, Grim. From there we rode, to face the horrors that awaited on a forward front in the field at Hammerfall. -#1971U”

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Territorial Incursion Incident #10974-B, Response: Artillary

Field Report: Territorial Incursion Incident #10974-B

Response: Artillery, Experimental Ammunition Used In Field Test

Location: Silverpine Front, Ambermill

Summary: Deathstalker Ikthael returned with reports regarding an Alliance encampment in Ambermill. The forces were cited as being armed, and armored: a hostile force. Given the defensive nature of the position, orders were given to shell the location. Due to time constrains, the paperwork to procure Blight was not able to be filed, and so experimental artillery was used. Apothecary Zedane prepared acid bombs, with the assistance of others. Additionally, Apothecary Ansadril took rotting Worgen corpses were gutted and stuffed full of disease riddled filth and the acid bombs.

Test Results: Success, further research requested on acid bombs and corpse bombs.

Area Status: Reclaimed, hostile forces present.

-Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U

Catapults from the Silverpine front lined were turned and placed, then aimed while the ammunition was prepared.

Under the cover of the last volly of catapult fire, we rode into Ambermill. There both forces clashed, the outcome bloody. Alliance troops suffered from acid splash damage, and the flaming pitch covered rotten worgen corpse had started a small fire. We had an unfair advantage, and used it.

Member Of The Month – April 2014

Member Of The Month: Sister Serata MacDermott, Cult Of Forgotten Shadow

RP Name: Sister Serata MacDermott

Character / Class: Serata, 90 Shadow Priest/scribe for the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow.

What thinks of the Undercity Nexus: “They are…unique. Not always what the people they speak to consider appealing, but they are comforting to me. A home, I guess, for people of my type. Perhaps…” 

Birth Place: Moonbrook, Westfall.

Description: Normally shrouded beneath a hood attached to strangely impeccable robes of office, Serata’s head is partly caved in on the left side, the shape of it held by two crisscrossing leather straps stretched across her face. A little grey matter dots her hair along with dried blood and the odd fungal bloom, all of which combine to give it a characteristic purple hue and spiked-out structure.

Her visible facial skin is pallid and marred by recent hasty stitching and patching from other sources, and only her right eye socket appears to have any kind of functionality – the left one remains dim and half-collapsed. Her cheeks have begun to decompose starting at the corners of her mouth, and are sewn into a permanent macabre mockery of a grin that stretches up to her ears. The skin on the rest of her body is nearly translucent pale blue and stretched taut over a bony frame. She has nearly no muscle left to speak of and even less body fat.

A string of well-worn onyx prayer beads is wound around her thin right wrist and hand. One of the beads is a little larger than the others and is shaped like an anatomically correct heart. If you look closely enough, you would note ink stains on her fingertips. A little black prayer book hangs on a dainty (though tarnished) chain from her belt, and there is a large scroll case stamped with the seal of the Loremasters on her back. Any weapons she carries swim with Sha energies.

Her voice is hollow, raspy and almost monotone. She seems to have few genuine emotional expressions to her at all. She smells of embalming fluid. She is always followed by one or more ravens, and refers to them all as Bertram.

Aspirations: “I…am not certain. No one has asked before, I guess…my memories would be useful, maybe. And if I can be of service to anyone inside the organization, that is good too. At least, the second one is what Dark Cleric Duesten told me when he sent me to them, so many months ago…”

Undercity Nexus 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Screw The Roses, Send Us The Thorns

The Undercity Nexus is proud to announce, it’s 1 year anniversary! It’s been a busy year, and to celebrate this mile stone for our guild we are going to host a two night event. From the Dance Of The Dead to the trial and execution of the Arch-Bishop Mellar we have been very….very busy. Brace for blood shed, and a lot of fun.

Save the date: May 22nd, May 23rd 2014 – Horde RP event.
*Calender invites to GMs will be going out tonight.*

*Details soon!*

Snuffing Out The Light – Rp Event / Story

“One of our Lightslayers has acquired the…..presence of the ArchBishop Mellar. The Alliance are in an uproar, and we have a hear to remove from it’s shoulders. -U”


The Alliance are aware of his captivity and are eager to shed blood. The ArchBishop’s folly has stoked the Crusader’s fires.

During the darker winter months an icy rain frequently fell upon the Tirisfal Glades. Biting frigid waters from the north were drawn down along the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, bringing with them howling frigid rains. In the wake of such rain, layers of ice easily formed upon everything it touched – adding a sort of mythical beauty to the now twisted landscape. Most Forsaken who endured patrols and or were station in the Glades had to take extra special care to avoid undesirable conditions such as fungal infection brought on by the moist conditions, frozen limbs, and various other necrosis. 

The weather only compounded the bitter attitudes of the Deathguards stationed in the Glades. As it were, brutality was easy to provoke, and what hopes for mercy any living might have was cast aside during such unsavory conditions. Under the burden of the freezing rain, much of the fighting force ached for an excuse to unleash their ire upon any target that so warranted their malice.

So when a single human male, of great age made his way along the roads toward the Bulwark – it was only too soon for the otherwise mild if not curious matter to turn into blood sport…

Diminished in stature, and clearly made frail with age what sport was there in beating an old man? None. More so, it took the guards but a moment to note the presence of a great many of holy symbols on his robes to decide it was wises not to meddle with one who wielded the Light. It would be far more amusing to allow for the old man to pass, and then summon a Lightslayer…

Gobikkah – Goblin Festival

“Gobikkah is some new holiday that the Megabucks Cartel seems to have fabricated as a means to launder stolen goods, or cash. It’s genius really, invent a festive holiday based on goodwill and then use it to make dirty goods clean again. They invited out a collection of allies, customers and friends to take part which make for a social evening. As usual, there was widespread surprise at our attendance. Given the holiday, and cold this time of year poses a rare chance to slip the noose of responsibility and go relax. -U”

(Thanks for the fun rp event Megabucks!)

The storytelling was rather…colorful.

The three wise Goblin.


The Festival had a rather large turn out. Many different guilds and race were present.

Kor’Kron Trials

“The lower courts are hosting military tribunals to address the guilty Kor’Kron War Criminals. These trials are largely a show….and are by some being used as a political soapbox to stab at Horde and Alliance tensions. After the trial, there were a few near brawls between the Nexus and a variety of attending Alliance groups. -U”

The turn out was grand, a mix of supporters and foes alike. Skullcrusha was not tried at the Tribunal, deemed more fit for a higher court and authorities.

A few come forward to speak on behalf of the guilty, trying to plea down the sentencing and harsh judgments they might face.

The guilty stood before the Judges and audience with Alliance and Horde guards posed to deal with any problems.