Left Hand Path – Monthly RP Gathering

“Once a month the Left Hand Path gathering, focusing on creating and fostering a community of those who practice arts such as the feel, and necromancy. It has been some years since such a gathering was last hosted, and the excellent turnout is a good boost to morale.”

High Command Ordered Seasonal Observation

“By order of High Command, we are to observe the seasonal celebration to boost morale. Failure to observe seasonal festivities will result in Forsaken failing to show cheer to be marked for recycling due to brain rot being so advanced as to prevent the undead from presenting suitable cheer.”

Horde Rally & Ride Out – Conquest

“Various threats in the Barrens have required the attention of the Horde.”

OOC: This RP event is a part of Conquest, and was an immersive rp event where various leaders of the Horde spoke to the troops followed by various faiths stepping forward to offer prayers and blessings.