Battle In The Vale (RP-PVP)

“Garrosh’s destructive path is far reaching, and it’s start in the Vale is not pretty. Forces of the Horde and Alliance are in the Vale battling the Sha: from the mines, to the well the area must be purged. -U”

Various forces assembled from the Horde to help combat the Sha. Elsewhere, the Alliance were cutting their way through Sha.

A variety of our old dogs of war came out to help. A total around ten of us were present through the battles for the evening, others were busy elsewhere with matters back on the home front.

The battles were intense and ugly, through largely the sha were crushed and our forces were able to move through the area doing their part to try and help repair the damage done.

The fighting in the mines was intense, as the area was crawling with Sha. Tight quarters fighting, coupled with the potential threat of a cave in made everyone ill at ease.

Honorable Deeds And Allies

“Not all of our dealings are dirty, and some demand honor. The alliance with the Sunguard shall be an interesting one to forge. Separately, a recent worgen push into Silverine has sparked a series of violent encounters, and even a hostage situation. -B”

Honorable dealings…with elves none the less.


Should we put up ‘Found Lost Dog’ posters?


Exploiting our hour of weakness.

“Elsewhere as we were dealing with the strife within the Horde, members of the Alliance was taking advantage of the situation. Our weaknesses made bare, pretenders to the Throne laid siege for Forsaken lands and holdings. For every one of the living that falls, the Forsaken gain a new soldier. -B”

The Ambermill Confrontation.