The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

The Dark Lady is no more, and so what of the Forsaken and their logo? We decided to revisit our own guild logo and update it. We opted for a Lordaeron shield theme, and went with a colorful design that better matches the overall style of Forsaken and undead. Concept by Banshih, art by Mirchea.

UCN Turns 3 Years Old



Happy 3 year anniversary Undercity Nexus!

It is suiting that we celebrate our anniversary on Friday the 13th this year. UCN is still going strong. Unlike previous years we are not having an in game event to celebrate but are instead focusing on the guild itself, and a upcoming server campaign. The guild will soon have a restructuring within the ranks, and a few other details worked on to spruce us up in preparation for the upcoming Legion expansion.

Our guild has been a success due in to amazing members, and a great community. Thank you everyone, we consider ourselves very fortunate and are grateful to everyone.


Guild Participation Points Now Include PVE

In the officer notes section of all members we have been tracking two things: strike points, and participation points.

We recently decided to update the participation points to include pve guild efforts. Previously we only counted RP for points. From here forward, when a player takes part in a scheduled guild pve event such as a dungeon, or even a raid they will get 1 point for their time and effort.

In the officer notes section of the characters records will now look like this.

SP: 0, E: 1, PP: 5

SP = Strike Points
PP = Participation Points
E = PVE Points

For things like guild promotions, and other considerations the pve points will have a positive influence.

Thank you for supporting the guild with your efforts.

Forum Post:

Happy Halloween! Now a word from our Shovelheads…

Happy Halloween! Our resident Shovelheads wanted to share some wisdom with you to celebrate: how to survive being buried alive in a coffin!

#1 Do not waste oxygen. In a classic coffin there’s only enough oxygen for about an hour, maybe two. Inhale deeply, exhale very slowly. Once inhaled – do not swallow, or you will start to hyperventilate. Do not light up lighters or matches, they will waste oxygen. Using a flashlight is allowed. Screaming increases anxiety, which causes increased heartbeat and therefore – waste of oxygen. So don’t scream.

#2 Shake up the lid with your hands. In some cheap low-quality coffins you will be able to even make a hole (with an engagement ring or a belt buckle.)

#3 Cross your arms over your chest, holding onto your shoulders with your hands, and pull the shirt off upward. Tie it in a knot above your head, like so:
This will prevent you from suffocating when the dirt falls on your face.

#4 Kick the lid with your legs. In some cheap coffins the lid is broken or damaged already after being buried, due to the weight of the ground above it.

#5 As soon as the lid breaks, throw and move the dirt that falls through in the direction of your feet. When it takes up a lot of space, try pressing the ground to the sides of the coffin with your legs and feet. Move around a bit.

#6 Whatever you do – your main goal is to sit up: dirt will fill up the empty space and move to your advantage, so no matter what – do not stop and try breathing steadily and calmly.

#7Get up. Remember: the dirt in the grave is very loose, so battling your way up will be easier than it seems. It’s the other way around during a rainy weather however, since water makes dirt heavy and sticky.

Undercity Nexus Hits Level 25

UCN is now a level 25 guild. Thank you to everyone who has actively helped make this possible, and put time and effort into doing dailies and leveling their characters. A lot of people have been very supportive and helpful, thank you.



The new guild blog / site is under construction at the time of this post. I made 3 mini header banners for the separate guild pages. Thursday, we are hosting an ooc guild meeting to flesh out more details of this new guild. -B