Veiled Affair – Ravenholdt Masked Ball

2-6-2015 8-13-25 PM

“Somehow the Veiled Affair took place without blood shed. Under the watchful eye of our Ravenholdt hosts, various criminal organizations, assassins, and mercenary groups were able to mingle and make connections regards of faction alliances. There was standard light entertainment offered, though most amusing to me was the fact that one of the Nexus’ own rotters won a mention as one of the best dressed for the evening.

That being said, Megabucks was working the crowd with ease. On my end, it was not so easy to mingle and so I sat back and let Fink do the work knowing that we can reach out through him at a later date. Sometimes it is best to let others get their hands dirty. -U”

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The Veiled Affair (RP Event)


The Veiled Affair: A cross faction masquerade for criminals, evil doers, mercenaries and the unsavory to get together for an evening of high class debauchery and networking!

Entertainment Includes: Sketch booths, Fashion Contest featuring mystery judges, dueling.
Faction: Cross faction

Believe you’re interested? See guild calender for event details.


1-2-2015 11-57-49 PM

“Gobbikah was very well attended this year, perhaps the largest yet. There were a variety of festival activities through the night that provided entertainment and amusement for those participating and observing. There was dueling, a boasting content, and some deranged game involving throwing bombs.The first duel victory of the night went to Dergoth. Our own resident rotbrain took part in the boasting contest. Though we are not inclined to enjoy parties, this is one exemption. -U”

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Happy Winters Veil

“Even we need downtime, and a chance to celebrate the holidays. Seeing as Ickariss did a marvelous job refinishing the tavern, we opted for a small festive celebration in it. Gifts were exchanged, genders were bend with a potion, and a solid round of personal toasts were given. Here’s to looking to the future. -U”



Winters Veil Party 2015


Undercity Nexus Winters Veil Party
When: Dec 29th, 2014 – Monday in place of Tavern Night @ 7pm server
What: Holiday Party, casual social rp
Where: Guild Out Post (Ban’s Garrison, in the Tavern)

There will be a raffle for prizes, general anarchy, and rumor has it some chairs! This is a private guild party.

Raffle: The raffle tickets will be in the form of participation points that the player has on the character present. Must be present at the time of the raffle to win. One prize per member. Limit 25 points.
Raffle Prizes: Custom character art by Ick (colored sketch), Crimson Deathcharger, and an Elekk Plushie (donated by Lynt), as well as a handful of other curious goodies such as mysterious fortune cards and strange gender bending potions….

Members can read more at:

The Dominion Of The Sun Celebrates

“The Dominion Of The Sun and the Nexus have some old roots. While both groups may not agree with one another, there is an element of begrudging support that crosses ethical and moral lines due to the gravity of our mutual situation. Wanting to step away from the long stretch of conflict we have faced, we headed out to celebrate with the Dominion and for just one night perhaps even feel like…we belongs. -U”


Undead really don’t have much in the way of …fashion options for these affairs. In such a setting, we always look painfully out of place. In light of tensions, it’s generally wisest to stay armored and armed.

The Fashion Contest had a wide variety of style represented in it. Interesting, one of our own placed second, while a Pandarian placed in first.

Xelth also took first place for the speech contest.

The dueling contest had a wide reception with many brawlers coming out to represent.

The pet battling was fairly popular, if not a bit bloody.