Blight Wagon Escort (RP-PVP D100)

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“In light of recent mission failures we have been given more menial tasks to attend to.  Our primary operations will now be centered around assisting with supply runs, and escorts through the Broken Isles through hostile settings. Though we certainly expected the Legion to pose a pressing threat, we were equally prepared to address the Alliance. Our first escort deployment was a blight wagon, which was destined to resupply troops at a Warden’s Tower.  It was upon the final stretch of our escort ride were we ambushed…

The confrontation itself was bloody, with the Nexus giving nothing easily as we fought to the bitter end and spilled much blood. The fighting itself drew to a stalemate as the Alliance refused to back down leaving us with the option of mutual destruction, or surrender. We opted to blow up the blight wagon, and take out as many of our attackers as possible.”

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Dance Of The Dead 2015

Moon Guard Role Playing Event

Dance Of The Dead 2015 

(Moon Guard, Halloween RP-PVP Event)

For far too long the Forsaken have labored under the baleful gaze of the KorKron Overseers. With the recent rebellion, and the disposal of the Overseers from the Undercity the Forsaken are once more at liberty to live, fight, and ravel as they please. How better to celebrate their new found freedom than to evoke an old tradition that the KorKron saw fit to outlaw?

Returning to their roots this Hallow’s Eve, the Forsaken shall once more host an annual celebration that the Lord and Lady of the Caer Darrow once hosted. This now macabre celebration is a mockery of the once great Autumn festival hosted by the once living of the isle. Most notable of all the nights activities is the dreaded Great Hunt. For on this night, the Forsaken select a number of Prisoners of War and offer them something precious: their life. But only if…they can run for it.

Master Forum Thread With Details:

Alliance Contact (Whisper or Mail): Tanzher <Eastern Offensive>, Kenny<The Pyrebird Sodality>, Sylvael <Dor Serrar>
Horde Contact (Whisper or Mail): Banshih <Undercity Nexus>, Larrendias <First Light>, Amalathea <Blackbriar>

Contact for calendar invs to events for more details.

Ash Blessing Ceremony

The Cult Offered Prayers and ash for the foreheads of attendees. The session was lead by Father Grim, UCN's war Priest.

Ash Blessing Ceremony, Hosted By The Cult Of Forgotten Shadow Sect Of The <Undercity Nexus> (Oct 18th, 2015 – Community RP event)

The wickerman burns, resplendent, casting its flickering, haunting light for the first time this Hallow’s End. The Forsaken have gathered to celebrate, exalt and bask in the glow of it’s sacred flames, rejoicing in what they represent; freedom. Freedom for the People of Lordaeron from the Scourge, and the Lich King. Priests of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow have made ready to aid in the observance of this important holiday, and will be in attendance to offer the annual ash blessing to the faithful. Join us for the annual ash blessing.About: Join a sect of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow as they observe the burning of the wickerman, and remember the past. Character’s will be able to receive an ash blessing. This is a rp event, that should be short and sweet. Open to all Horde and factions neutral with the Forsaken. This event is safe for all levels, and should take under an hour.


Siege Training With Henry


“A small group of us once again rallied in the Ruins for Siege Training, Lead by Henry once more. This time we rode out to Hillsbrad, where we where set up in a valley, where I, as the attacker, had to cross the river and capture the Defenders’ base. It was mostly a game of King of the Hill. Unfortunately, things quite quickly spun out of hands for me. Marty not only killed off my Imp, Gib’ Tul, twice, But Haku then stole the Shredder Gib’ Tul had been piloting and used it against me. What had been the Attackers against Defenders quickly turned to Defenders against Attackers. Haku managed to strike the final blow against me, and I fell, and the exercise ended. 

This may be my second loss in this exercise, but I’ve been training, learning. 

I will not fail a third. -Maliik “

UCN 2 Year Anniversary: Party & Memorial Ride


The Order Of The Horse, and Undercity Nexus are celebrating their 2 year anniversary! Both guilds are hosting a joint yet separate event for Alliance and Horde alike; a memorial ride and remembrance. Please join us on this solemn occasion to remember our heroes, great and small.

  • When: May 15th, 2015 which is a Friday
  • Alliance Contact: Sauveitte (whisper, or game mail works)
  • Horde Contact: Banshih (whisper, or game mail works)
  • Time & Location: 7pm server, contact a coordinator for locations
  • Where: Contact For Details – The Horde And Alliance events are both separate though happening at the same time in different areas.

Alliance Event: The Order Of The Horse will be hosting a memorial ride, and prayer session for the recently fallen. For the memorial ride, players are requested to have lantern pets out. A limited number of lantern pets are available for players who do not have one.  The prayer session will be conducted by a Bishop of the Light. . Character’s are encouraged to bring flowers, and candles to leave behind in memory of their recently departed brothers and sisters in arms.

Alliance Schedule: Rally > Memorial Ride > Prayer / Closing
Horde Event: UCN will be hosting an informal party with entertainment, followed by a memorial ride with lantern pets out that will end at a cemetery where a prayer service for the lost and fallen will be offered.  A limited number of lantern pets are available for players who do not have one. Character’s are encouraged to bring flowers, and candles to leave behind in memory of their recently departed brothers and sisters in arms.

Horde Party Entertainment: Kenny and Gijei will each be hosting character sketch booths, additionally there will be fortune tellers on hand, as well as a bartending service, and a contest for the best suits of armor judged by mystery judges. The mystery judges will be selected from the attendees.

Horde Schedule: Informal Party > Memorial Ride > Blessing / Closing


Announcing: Sand & Blood: Death In Uldum RP Campaign

Moon Guard Rp Campaign

Something rather nasty is going on in Uldum.  

The Undercity Nexus, in the past, has successfully hunted down and eliminated remnant cells of the Cult of the Damned. We’ve stolen their research, usurped their plans, and for the good of Azeroth? We’ve pretty much been cleaning house where others have forgotten to dust. Or scrub. With corrosive cleaning chemicals and sometimes fire. Lots and lots of fire.

It’s been some time since the Nexus has gotten their last lead. But that’s about to change. 

Read more:

The Veiled Affair (RP Event)


The Veiled Affair: A cross faction masquerade for criminals, evil doers, mercenaries and the unsavory to get together for an evening of high class debauchery and networking!

Entertainment Includes: Sketch booths, Fashion Contest featuring mystery judges, dueling.
Faction: Cross faction

Believe you’re interested? See guild calender for event details.

A Night Off – Booty Bay Ball

“The 6th annual Booty Bay Ball was the perfect excuse for a number of us to cut loose for a night before the Seige of Org.  The sights at the Ball were a bit chaotic, and fun. Typical and true to our nature, we ended up huddled around a table playing drinking games with dice instead of socializing. Interestingly, the drinking game attracted a few others who decided to play with us. The rules of the drinking game is simple.

‘Deader Dice’ RP Drinking Game: using the dice roller have everyone playing roll. Whoever rolls the lowest is the person who has to share personal truth or a lie about them self. If caught lying the person drinks. Players who guess the story wrong drink.

Years ago, I use to play Deader Dice while sitting around in the Gallow’s End between deployments. Tonight was a good night to teach the old tradition to a few new shovelheads.

Up next….the liberation of the Undercity from the KorKron. No mercy. -U”

Deader Dice with a few ….outsider additions.

The Ball itself was rather sprawled out, with various social circles present.

There were a few confrontations between the likes of Alliance and Horde. Worgen and Forsaken just do not mix well: ever.

The bar inside was just as busy.

There was a wide variety of….interesting attire worn for the evening.

Not everyone wore formal attire for the evening…