From the Desk of Baron Bendricus Volheim, Lord of Cragreach

“From the Desk of Baron Bendricus Volheim, Lord of Cragreach,

Report Number 29-4 

A few days prior, one of the militia, while on patrol, came upon an anomaly in the forests near the old Balnir Farmstead. When going to investigate, they were subsequently set upon by a strange force, one that, for a time, had control of her mental faculties. After a span of time, estimated at five hours, they recovered, and fled from the area, reporting back to Ambermill…

This evening, a force was dispatched, consisting of nearly a dozen militia members, including a Deathstalker, a trio of adherents of the Cult, and soldiers of the Deathguard, including myself. When our force entered the area of engagement, we were immediately beset upon by void horrors, creatures that reached out from portals, and set about to snare our forces, all to drag them into said portals. After some heavy fighting, the militia dispatched the creatures and moved onward. A note that, at this point, during the struggle, a horse rode past, alerting us to the presence of Scarlets in the area.

The speculation of their presence was soon confirmed, as, when our forces reached the perimeter of the farm, swarms of mindless undead, some clearly void corrupted, ambushed the Forsaken forces, who, by the efforts of the shadow adherents, had their wounds tended to just moments prior. The mindless undead were slain with ease. Through the undead, and, a trio of… undead horses that have become addicted to undead flesh, the militia soon reached the center of the farmstead. The field before the barn was covered in half-eaten and dismembered corpses, bearing Forsaken, Argent and Scarlet tabards and armor.

As the militia forces sought to check the corpses, a pair of strange figures appeared from the barn. The first, an angelic figure, one that, if one had a pulse, would have found quite desirable, sang a hauntingly beautiful song. The song sent whispers into our minds, causing us great fear and trepidation, as the other figure, a void-corrupted Dark Ranger, assaulted our ranks, and, while injuries and damage mounted, our forces soon prevailed, the marksman Orion landing a mortal blow upon the Ranger.

With the remaining void forces destroyed, the Scarlets, who were fighting the same forces on the northern edge of the farm, soon sought combat, and, despite our best efforts, managed to force us from the area, denying us the valuable resources in body parts and supplies. “

Deathstalkers Summoned (RP-PVP)

Reports of further Scarlet activities require a heavier hand. The Deathstalkers have been summoned to assist Deathguard efforts against the Scarlets. In reporting in, the Deathstalkers have begun to tilt the favor of battle, and have begun advanced reporting and intelligence work.

With the Deathstalkers leading the advance, a fresh band of Scarlets were located in the Glades and confronted.

Ruins Rumble – Duel Tournament

Before your character flutters a page of parchment. It may be nailed somewhere, glued to a wall, pasted over a stone or wooden surface with cheap tallow; the only certain thing was the brightly colored wording and poorly drawn caricatures of an unrealistically large orc holding a very golden sword several times his own height and standing over a comparatively small castle of the Southern human style. The orc is holding a bag in his free hand with a crude currency symbol stitched into it. Despite the shoddy drawing, he looks very happy and fulfilled. The text below was printed in equally lurid colors with ink that was just a tad too runny to be called quality. Rumble in the Ruins! This THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY YOU COULD BE THE RULER OF THE REALM! The unground realm that is! With your own magic blade! MAGIC BLADE! GOLD GLORY GUYS GIRLS, GREATSWORDS! THIS THURSDAY A BATTLE ROYALE for all the azurite! Prizes donated by the BOOTY BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Magic blade donated by MAXEN MONTCLAIR! CAN YOU CLAIM THE BLADE!?ARE YOU A BRUTAL ENOUGH CHAMPION TO BE DUKE OF WESTFALL??? Security provided by coin operated crowd pummeler anti-murder technology! Contestants must register for tele-transit at the BOOTY BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in scenic BOOTY BAY!

————— OOC INFO —————

Date: May 23rd, 2019

Time: 8pm server

Location: Summons Provided

Duel Tournament Rules: Arena rules, dps specs only – more details coming soon

Prizes: Custom character art, and more

Desert Patrol

2019-02-18 02_46_46-Window“Patrolling the desert ruins by night is preferred, as the campfires of Alliance forces betray just where they sleep.” (RP-PVP Campaign this week and next)

2019-02-18 03_53_11-Window

Fleet Admiral Archduke von Squeezey


Ship Name: Fleet Admiral Archduke von Squeezey
Ship type: sea monster (necromantically animated)
Finding themselves under orders from High Command to assist in the defense of Zul’dazar, and typically underfunded in this action (while also facing the customary recycling threats if an ‘effective defense’ was not mounted) the loyal stalwarts of Undercity Nexus decided to do some depression drinking. In this narcotic haze, UCN’s spellcasters developed a plan. Recalling a long deceased Kraken resulting from past combat actions off the coast of Arathi (that had been preserved under the grounds of ‘it might be useful I guess’), the group animated the creature, and sent it forth as their new fleet admiral.

OOC: This NPC will be used to represent UCN during the upcoming Naval Battle rp-pvp event.