Bounty: Scarlet Crusaders


“Let it be known throughout the fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron under our great and magnanimous Dark Lady,

That at this time those who wear the color of, ride under the banner of, or name themselves members of the Scarlet Crusade are considered full combatants so long as they persist within the borders of our great Kingdom. The celebrated crown of our fair Dark Lady recognizes no civilians under the Scarlet banner, and all Scarlets are considered fair military target to be greeted with full force within our borders. The fallen are to be harvested for recruitment, interrogation, or recycling purposes.

Our great and munificent crown has extended a generous bounty for the collection of Scarlet tabards and bodies;

*For a Scarlet head and tabard: five hundred gold coins.

*For a complete Scarlet body: A thousand coins.

*For the capture of a live Scarlet: Five thousand coins.

*For a Scarlet Commander: Ten thousand coins.

At this time, combat-related cannibalism is permissible. Let no flesh fall and be left behind on the battlefield. For entrenched Scarlet units, heavy reinforcements will be issued.

Let none survive who stand against us. Slay these petty pretenders to our triumphant crown.

Signed on this righteous day by Deathstalker High Command, Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U

To: Spy Mistress of the Nexus

“To: Spy Mistress of the Nexus

Against my better judgement, I stayed my hand and merely observed the Crusaders in their activities. I arrived at the Monastery shortly after accepting my assignment, but found the place empty…save for a few Rot Brains. I figured the report was wrong, but decided to check around the Glades for any unusual activity before completely abandoning the claims. I stumbled upon a group of fourteen Crusaders, fighting Rotters by Stillwater Pond. It was unusual for them to be so close to Brill, but I did not alert any defensive forces. I sat and watched them for hours, and they steadily headed north up towards Agamand Mills. This is where they camped for the night. I overheard their commanders speak of reclaiming the Monastery, so I plotted out the tactical route that they would have to take in order to avoid detection. With their current numbers, I suspect reinforcements to reach Agamand Mills within the next day or two. Should we wish to avoid their plagued existence stinking up the Glades, I suggest immediate action. At the very least, I believe it a smart move to post men near Garren’s Haunt in order to track their movements. When the time is right, they will move along the coast if they are smart. We can set up a blockade around the uphill paths to the Monastery, and force them into an unfavorable position to which they would need to retreat from or die. That is all, you will find a map enclosed with this missive. Dark Lady watch over you. 

-Harvey “Ironjaw” Steele”



“On they creep, to the Scarlet Keep.  

There in the Keep there lurks an old foe, who’s many misdeeds have grown.

Oh foolish Scarlets, little more than brazen harlots.

Those who have a grudge, are here now to judge.” (UC Nexus RP event, a night with the Scarlet Crusade)

The newer generation of Forsaken seem as outraged as the older generation when it comes to the Scarlet Crusade.

A good number of Scarlet Crusade tabards were returned.