Righteous Vengeance

A little piece of parchment was attached to various boards across the Eastern Kingdoms. Whether by bribe or threat they were placed within the Undercity, and Quel’thalas as well. On the parchment was a poem, which read, “

For as the evening turned to night
and the Forsaken sat in their chairs
Not a creature was in sight,
‘cept for Scarlets, running in pairs

They moved through the trees as would a wraith
such things normal men might fear
yet carried with each was an unshakable faith
in the abilities of those their peer.

Carried over the walls by skill
sounds lost in the undead chatter
they stood ready, with unshakable will
for the Forsaken’s peace to soon shatter

Grand Redeemer’s shout led to crimson fury
As their rage manifested in flame
The Nexus like mice did scurry
Surprise and fear all the same

The wave of red crash upon the black
as the living fought the dead once more
Though numbers the Scarlets would lack
The dead were hemmed in the burning door

As quick the fight began
the skirmish would soon end
Yet there was no doubt down to a man
That the Hammer…thus did rend.

So I say thee thus, to those who’d hear
Of this vicious fight in the North
That while peace is so unclear…
the Scarlets shall always charge forth.

Scarlet Ambush

“Tavern night started as usual: rotters scrambling for chairs, the usual shit talking, and even some Brewfest merriment as Olmert modeled the latest in beer hat fashion. All of this was turned on it’s head when the first volley of molotov cocktails were thrown through the downstairs and upstairs windows. Flushed out from our den, and caught off guard we escaped from the burning building only to be greeted by a lot of mortal fools sporting the tabard of the Scarlet Crusade…. -U”

Undercity Nexus - Forsaken RP Guild

Tavern night was well attend, with most of us in good cheer. It’s Brewfest, even we can enjoy this holiday.

Scarlets before us, and a burning building to our back...we were pinned down.

Scarlets before us, and a burning building to our back…we were pinned down.