Vulture Patrol – Merchant Ship Wreck

Dark Rangers Mission

“A merchant ship wrecked off the coast of Arathi. Word reached Forsaken command, and a Vulture Patrol was called. A Dark Ranger met us in the ruins and from there we rode out. At the wreck proper we started the clean up using the ship’s own crows nest to dump the pillage onto. Bloated corpses were tethered and left to float as gold and goods were stacked up. Things went well until a great sea creature decided to try and take its share of the dead and mistook us as food as well. -U”


Vulture Patrol – AKA Shovel Party

“Once more we have been given others to ride out on Vulture Patrol, also known as a Shovel Party. We are expected to pull in recruits, and spare parts. A large tithe is expected from everything harvested, that tithe going to the Undercity. All was going well, and our movement went largely undetected…yet somehow alarm was raised and a force was sent in after us. -U”

The ride out went well, everyone was in order and we had scouted in advance.

A portal was held open to the Undercity, allowing us to quickly move harvested parts through it into the awaiting arms of the Lab Assistants on the other side.

In the depths of the crypts we found a wealth of corpses, bones, and other materials of use to us. The Silver Hand were less then…welcoming when they found us in the middle of our work.

Shovel Party (rp-pvp)

“Knowing that the Alliance shall turn and focus their efforts on the Forsaken after Garrosh falls. Based on reports, Garrosh shall fall soon. With this in mind, we are aggressively ‘recruiting’ humans who have recently fallen in the Siege Of Orgimmar. Graveyard after graveyard has been pillaged for its recently deceased, and have stumbled upon a wealth of bodies and parts. Calling upon our allies for aide we ventured forth to pillage. We like to call these mass recruitment drives ‘Shovel Parties’.”