Tavern Night Returns


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“For the first time since the fall of the Undercity fell we gather in a lighter tone, and sat about and spoke of our potential future and broken ranks.”

OOC: UCN Tavern Nights have resumed, they will continue to be held every Monday at 8pm server time. The location will change each week based on the current lore and guild story.

Tavern Night

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“As we sat about grouching over recent affairs the lot of us came to understand that we sound like old men sitting on a porch. The recent elven conflict in Suramar has reminded the lot of us that we have little tolerance for the antics of the living and their desire to get their collective ‘dicks wet’ as one rotter put it. Still, politics are politics. -U”

Happy Holidays! UCN Gift Exchange


DATE: Dec 19th @ Tavern Night

OOC: Gift exchange rules are as follows!

Only people giving a gift may get a gift. Gifts must not be junk items, and may not exceed in vaue of 10,000 gold. Acceptable gifts include rare pets, crafted toys, unique potions, and more. Players / Characters must be attending the Tavern Night to take part, ugly sweaters are optional but encouraged.

Tavern Night – Brothels

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“The question that plagued us tonight was….how do you sneak 10 Forsaken into a brothel. -U”

OOC: Later this week UCN is engaging in a mature themed rp d20 campaign. See the guild calendar. We will be conducting this rp d20 campaign via discord.

Horde Tavern Night (Feb)

2-29-2016 8-56-24 PM

“Once more the Steamweedle Goblin Advertising And Travel Bureau offered an amusing distraction to the forces of the Horde in the form of a Tavern Night. The cheap drinks, and smug in the air made for an interesting setting in which to engage one’s political peers in. -U”

Horde Tavern Crawl


“Some Goblin tourism agency is pushing for the Horde to get out more and visit various venues. They lure us in with cheap watered down drinks, and get us to stay for the over priced food and loading gambling tables. Still we can’t complain, it’s a nice chance to step out and be as social as rotters get. Last night turned out to be a chance to socialize with various other leaders who were in attendance.



OOC: Sorry for the lack of rp updates! The guild is active and has had a number of stories going on, as well as events. However  updating the has not been top prority.

Tavern Night

7-27-2015 8-26-13 PM

“Tavern Night is a once a week affair when a bunch of Nexus Rotters pile into a room and pretend that we like to be social while ignoring the overwhelming stench. -U”