Thunder On The Bluff – RP Campaign


-A Horde RP D20 Mini Campaign, The Horde Vanguard-

Raszageth, The Storm-Eater has been defeated, but not without releasing her siblings from the Vault of Incarnates. The emboldened Primalist have been retasked across Azeroth, seeking relics of power for their cause. Traders, patrols, and other holdings have been attacked and ransacked; with pinpointed strikes within the reaches of Southern Kalimdor. All hostilities direct towards the Tauren Capital of Thunder Bluff. With the elements in upheaval and the encroaching Primalist challenging the Horde, the Vanguard answers the call to defend the Bluffs.

WHEN: February 23rd & 24th (Vanguard Meeting on the 20th)
WHERE: Thunder Bluff, Mulgore
TIME: Briefings Start at 7:30 MG SERVER TIME
WHAT TO EXPECT: The Vanguard is hosting a D20 Campaign with multiple events to choose from on both nights. This story will tell of the Horde’s defense of Thunder Bluff, battling the elements, Primalist, and other enemies aligned with the Primal Incarnates. Horde and Horde Neutral Players from Moon Guard, WRA, and other US servers are welcome!

The Horde Vanguard: