Tournament Of Thorns

Tournament Of Thorns


    1. 1st Place – Vurkgol – fighting on behalf of Megabucks Cartel
    1. 2nd – Avaluria – fighting for the cause of ‘Peace, love, and tolerance.’
             3rd – Kelavin – fighting on behalf of the Sunguard. 

OOC: The Tournament of Thorns went off without a hitch, and was a HUGE success! A lot of people came together to make this event possible, a special thanks to the Umbrella Enclave, Xulili, the sponsors and everyone in the Undercity Nexus who helped make this event possible no matter how big or small they contributed!

We really love this format, and will use this again in the future!

Total raised for the Humane Society: $50!!!!!! The full amount! Thank you Moon Guard for helping out homeless pets!


The Tournament Of Thorns had a record turn out, with the elite organizations of the Horde in attendance as well as many leaders. Everyone in attendance was eager to see the tournament play out.

The Cult Of Forgotten Priestess Sereta, a member of the Nexus, offered a opening prayer and blessing for the Champions. Unexpectedly they knelt before her, awaiting her words of encouragement and empowerment.


The duels were brutal, and no one easily yielded. The audience was frequently impressed, and cheers and chants could be heard through the night. During the opening round, the Champions were to first salute their generous patron, and then announce their cause. Afterward, they were free to lay on.

Aside from the tournament, there were other distractions offered. The Cult put forward one of their Priest, who in turn offered Death Predictions to those brave enough to learn of their ultimate fate. The death predictions were rather popular after the tournament had finished.

Champion’s Auction & Sponsorship

“Honorable members of the Horde, welcome and thank you for joining us on this auspicious evening as we celebrate and observe an old tradition. For generations great tournaments were hosted in Lordaeron before the fall. The greatest of Champions would step forward and then fight on behalf of a noble cause, decided by their sponsoring patron.

Tonight many great Champions of the Horde are stepping forward. You will have the chance to bid on, and sponsor the Champion who then will in turn enter into the tournament and fight for the honor of your cause. By sponsoring a Champion you support some of the Horde’s best warriors with the costs of their armor, weapons, and other battlefield needs.

Tonight we remember Lordaeron and her old ways, tomorrow we honor the Horde.” (Opening speech from the Champion’s Auction)


The interest was high, many people came to not only take part in the tournament as a Champion or Sponsor but also to watch. There was a good measure of social mingling as well as good cheer for the evening. It’s rare the the Undercity sees so many guests, much less in peace time for festive reasons.


Champion’s from many different races, and groups stepped forward. The racial mix was fairly vast, with a nice representation of all but one race of the Horde.


The Champion’s were called forward one-by-one. Each had a story, all wore their battle armor as a testament to skill and value. Each had their own style, flare, and story to excite their would be patrons. In the end, every Champion found a patron.

Tournament Of Thorns – UCN 1 Year Anniversary Party

Screw The Roses, Send Us The Thorns

Forsaken rp guild anniversary party

The Undercity Nexus is proud to announce, it’s 1 year anniversary! It’s been a busy year, and to celebrate this mile stone for our guild we are going to host a two night event. From the Dance Of The Dead to the trial and execution of the Arch-Bishop Mellar we have been very….very busy. Brace for blood shed, and a lot of fun.

  • May 22nd, 2014 – Champion’s Auction in the Undercity, 7pm server time!
  • May 23rd, 2014 – Tournament Of Thorns, Shadow Blessings, Death Predictions, Raffle (featuring Deathcharger mount) and more! The location is a surprise, we will provide summons @ 7pm server time!



Sponsor A Champion & IRL Charity Fundraiser – 7pm May 22nd, 2014

The Horde is known for taking great pride in the combat prowess of its soldiers. Champions of the Horde will put their skill, and honor up for bid for the highest bidder for the duel tournament. Members of the Horde will have the option to sponsor a Champion of the Horde, to assist the Champion in their armor and weapons costs…but also to have that Champion fight on the behalf of the bidders noble cause during the tournament.  (OOC: This is *NOT* a date auction.)

*Auction Gold: 50% will go the Champion (upon attending and fighting in the tournament), 50% to the Undercity Nexus. Gold payment will be issued at the tournament once a Champion has fought. If a Champion is a no show, the bidder will be refunded.

*Bidders: You will pay at the time in which you win your auction. If your Champion does not fight the next night, you will be refunded in full. Causes for you choosen Champion to fight for are strictly IC RP causes such as “In remembrance for the dead at the Battle for XXXXX”, or “For the honor of XXXXX”.

IRL Charity Details:
*For every Champion that goes for over 5,000 gold, I will donate $2 to the Humane Society on behalf of the bidder up to $50 for the entire event. After the event I’ll share photos of the transaction, and paperwork as proof of donation.

***************************Tournament Of Thorns*********************************

Champion’s Tournament Rules – 7pm, May 23rd, 2014

*Champion’s are expected to participate in the event on the 22nd prior to the tournament on the 23rd.
*DPS specs only.
*PVE or PVP gear allowed, choose your best and bring it.
*Arena rules apply – no flasks, or food.
*Late arrivals are permitted during the first round of eliminations. No late arrivals after the first bracket is over.*Champion’s are expected to fight in the tournament to receive their gold. If a Champion does not show up for the tournament, the sponsor will be refunded their gold in full.

*Tournament Prizes- First Place: 5,000 gold. Second Place: 2,500 gold. Third Place: 1,500 gold.


*See you there!*