Champion’s Auction & Sponsorship

“Honorable members of the Horde, welcome and thank you for joining us on this auspicious evening as we celebrate and observe an old tradition. For generations great tournaments were hosted in Lordaeron before the fall. The greatest of Champions would step forward and then fight on behalf of a noble cause, decided by their sponsoring patron.

Tonight many great Champions of the Horde are stepping forward. You will have the chance to bid on, and sponsor the Champion who then will in turn enter into the tournament and fight for the honor of your cause. By sponsoring a Champion you support some of the Horde’s best warriors with the costs of their armor, weapons, and other battlefield needs.

Tonight we remember Lordaeron and her old ways, tomorrow we honor the Horde.” (Opening speech from the Champion’s Auction)


The interest was high, many people came to not only take part in the tournament as a Champion or Sponsor but also to watch. There was a good measure of social mingling as well as good cheer for the evening. It’s rare the the Undercity sees so many guests, much less in peace time for festive reasons.


Champion’s from many different races, and groups stepped forward. The racial mix was fairly vast, with a nice representation of all but one race of the Horde.


The Champion’s were called forward one-by-one. Each had a story, all wore their battle armor as a testament to skill and value. Each had their own style, flare, and story to excite their would be patrons. In the end, every Champion found a patron.

Undercity Nexus 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Screw The Roses, Send Us The Thorns

The Undercity Nexus is proud to announce, it’s 1 year anniversary! It’s been a busy year, and to celebrate this mile stone for our guild we are going to host a two night event. From the Dance Of The Dead to the trial and execution of the Arch-Bishop Mellar we have been very….very busy. Brace for blood shed, and a lot of fun.

Save the date: May 22nd, May 23rd 2014 – Horde RP event.
*Calender invites to GMs will be going out tonight.*

*Details soon!*