By Order Of High Command: Happy Holidays


“The rotters in High Command have a twisted sense of humor. For yet another year the observation of Winter’s Veil has been passed down to us via High Command as a mandatory celebration. The mentality behind such an order is simple – remind us that we are to jump when told. The typical spin is that the parties and festive interactions boost morale, and that low morale troops are subject to recycle. And so like every year, we host a small awkward holiday party and exchange gifts. -U”

Winters Veil Party 2015


Undercity Nexus Winters Veil Party
When: Dec 29th, 2014 – Monday in place of Tavern Night @ 7pm server
What: Holiday Party, casual social rp
Where: Guild Out Post (Ban’s Garrison, in the Tavern)

There will be a raffle for prizes, general anarchy, and rumor has it some chairs! This is a private guild party.

Raffle: The raffle tickets will be in the form of participation points that the player has on the character present. Must be present at the time of the raffle to win. One prize per member. Limit 25 points.
Raffle Prizes: Custom character art by Ick (colored sketch), Crimson Deathcharger, and an Elekk Plushie (donated by Lynt), as well as a handful of other curious goodies such as mysterious fortune cards and strange gender bending potions….

Members can read more at: