Thunder On The Bluff – RP Campaign


-A Horde RP D20 Mini Campaign, The Horde Vanguard-

Raszageth, The Storm-Eater has been defeated, but not without releasing her siblings from the Vault of Incarnates. The emboldened Primalist have been retasked across Azeroth, seeking relics of power for their cause. Traders, patrols, and other holdings have been attacked and ransacked; with pinpointed strikes within the reaches of Southern Kalimdor. All hostilities direct towards the Tauren Capital of Thunder Bluff. With the elements in upheaval and the encroaching Primalist challenging the Horde, the Vanguard answers the call to defend the Bluffs.

WHEN: February 23rd & 24th (Vanguard Meeting on the 20th)
WHERE: Thunder Bluff, Mulgore
TIME: Briefings Start at 7:30 MG SERVER TIME
WHAT TO EXPECT: The Vanguard is hosting a D20 Campaign with multiple events to choose from on both nights. This story will tell of the Horde’s defense of Thunder Bluff, battling the elements, Primalist, and other enemies aligned with the Primal Incarnates. Horde and Horde Neutral Players from Moon Guard, WRA, and other US servers are welcome!

The Horde Vanguard:

Lordaeron Night Market – Monthly RP

Invitations are sent to vendors of all varieties around every corner of Azeroth. Flyers are posted in taverns, inns, and marketplaces of questionable repute across the realm. Each one reads the exact same message:

“You are hereby cordially invited to venture deep into the dark and dangerous reaches of the North. The Forsaken Kingdom of Lordaeron buzzes with life even through undeath. With the reclamation of the upper parts of the city, a Trade District has been cleared and remains empty…until now….

Eager to regain a semblance of the comforts of life – we are proud to present ~ The Lordaeron Night Market ~ A daring and devious shopping experience that aims to surprise and delight even the most curious of patrons. Unbound by the laws, customs and cultures of our living allies we have the unique ability to offer visitors a chance to experience the strange, creepy, questionable…and possibly even illegal outside of our borders.

So come with me and we will go and see a world of wonderous treasures – at the Lordaeron Night Market in the newly reclaimed Capital City of Lordaeron!”

When:3rd Monday of every Month – First event March 20th, 2023

Time:7pm to 10pm Central / 8pm to 11pm Eastern

Hosted by: Sae’themar Bloodfeather (Pêachês-MG NA)

Where: 9.2.5 Lordaeron Keep – Must have completed the 9.2.5 Calia questline from SL

Sever: Moon Guard-NA, open to all servers

Faction: *Cross-Faction – Horde, Alliance, Neutral*

Market Discord:

What kind of merchant booths are you looking for? We are currently looking for fun and darker-themed booths that fall in line with the guidelines of our community which can be found in our discord server. Examples – Poison Crafter, Abomination Parts, Pirate goods, Fenced Illegal goods, questionable magical items. Please keep your booth and wares PG-13

Can I host a new booth? Absolutely! We just ask that the booth falls in line with the theme of the market. We aim to create a certain vibe and aesthetic for this market that provides a quality RP experience for our visitors.

Do RP merchants charge in-game gold? Most merchants generally take rp currency, not game gold. However, it is important to remember that each merchant is different, some merchants might charge game gold for valuable rp items such as crafted goods and toys. Gold tips are always welcome, however.

Are there limitations on the items I can sell as a vendor?: While we are aware that this is a ‘Black Market’ or ‘Illicit Market’ there are certain darker adult themes that are not allowed within this event. Please keep your booth strictly PG-13. More information on this can be found on our server.

Shadow Sermon

“To see a return to the activity of the Cult within the ruins of our Capital is bittersweet. Most interesting and notable was the blend of the living and undead alike present.”

Supply Restock – Fishing

“The Dragon Isles have shipped the Horde so far from the base of established supply chains, that there is a felt strain among the living deployed here. Our militia was uprooted from Silverpine and moved out alongside allies to act as aides and supporting stewards to the efforts of the living. As such, I continue to volunteer our men for efforts to restock and supply troops with fresh food from places otherwise unwelcoming. Ice fishing in particular proved successful this month, as the fish below the ice are a favorite among the orcs and trolls, yet the weather is so hostile.

Left unmentioned to those attending, we are gathering key reagents from under the ice to support research by the Apothecary into the Dragon Isles.”

Shadow Sermon

A Forsaken priest is a curious beast, their path an unusual course. Their shadowy rites cannot come from the Light, so they seek a more sinister source.” – A rhyming poem recited by Dark Cleric Duesten to the beloved RP community,

I invite you to join members of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow on the evening of February the 5th, a Sunday, at 8 pm ST for a night of prayer and reflection.

As many of you know, the cult preaches balance. It mandates that shadow priests must never forget the dangers of falling too deep into the dark energies they manipulate, for it is often too hard to find one’s way back to the Shadow from the deep reaches of the darkness. We believe in the teachings of the three virtues: respect, tenacity, and power, and wish to share them with you in the form of sermons.

As our leader, Natalie Selene, once said….

“The Void is filled with many whispers. The kind that should have us all worried. We cannot afford to be separated by our beliefs. We must come together as priests of both Light and Shadow to face whatever challenge may be ahead.”

Shadow Sermons: OOC Info

-Date(s): The first Sunday of each month at 8 pm ST
-First meeting: February 5th, 2023
-Where: The Ruins of Lordaeron (Must be level 60 with the 9.2.5 Lordaeron questline completed from Shadowlands)
-Who: Everyone is welcome.
-Contacts: Eveline Harrington, Estella Blair, and Sanari Shadowtear

Supply Chain Issues & Hungry Horde

“As foreseen, the Horde on the move needs a healthy supply chain to sustain its troops. So far from our main bases of operation, and civilian support, the Horde deployed to the Dragon Isles have had to lean into a great measure of self-sufficiency. Food being central to the morale of the living combined with cranky orcs and hungry trolls are problematic, we have elected to help ensure the stability of the food chain for our allies. As such, fishing is on the docket once a month.”

Fish Tales – RP Event

Fish Tales

Grab your fishing pole, and your favorite bait and head out for a casual evening of fishing up supplies and stock for the adventuring efforts in Dragon Isles.

-OOC: Casual social RP event dedicated to fishing. Ideal for leveling fishing and cooking professions, as well as getting consumables for pve content. Fishing is also a way to unlock some interesting factions and recipes in the Dragon Isles. This is a laid-back social rp event, without any major plot, or focus. Fishing is not required to participate.
-Date: Dec 15th, 2022 (Thursday night)
-Time: 8pm central / 9pm eastern
-Contact: Banshih (H) , Emerris (A)
-Location: Dragon Isles, Whaler’s Cove (cross-faction raid will be provided for anchor and exact location)
-Who: Hosted by the Horde Vanguard, open to the whole of the Horde faction and neutral groups friendly to the Horde.

Rally In The Ruins

“A rally was called, as our elven allies to the north have asked for aide. Once more those of the Eastern Kingdoms are charged to answer the call to face peril in distant lands.”

Conquest Lichfall – Scourge Slaughterhouse Raid

“While the main forces of the Scourge were laying siege to Hearthglen, a team of us were deployed behind the assault to strike at the slaughterhouses while they were the least defended. We were able to do several hard strikes, crippling production and repair abilities for the worst of the Scourge’s horrors. Within the walls were resources, and research to pillage and reclaim for the Forsaken and for the Horde.”

Conquest Lichfall – Abomination Lecture

“With the Scourge pressing the advantage within the borders of Lordaeron once more, we face the need to educate troops on effective fighting tactics against some of the Scourge’s heaviest-hitting horrors. Among the first of a series of lectures, is that dedicated to abominations. In this workshop we reviewed tactics to combat abominations, and things to avoid least history from repeating itself. As far too many soldiers are eager to engage in melee combat with abominations.”