By Order Of High Command: Happy Holidays


“The rotters in High Command have a twisted sense of humor. For yet another year the observation of Winter’s Veil has been passed down to us via High Command as a mandatory celebration. The mentality behind such an order is simple – remind us that we are to jump when told. The typical spin is that the parties and festive interactions boost morale, and that low morale troops are subject to recycle. And so like every year, we host a small awkward holiday party and exchange gifts. -U”

A Bloody End

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“Horde Tavern Night was very much a standard affair, the goblin travel agency who hosts this monthly affair selected the World’s End Tavern for this month’s gathering. Initially the evening was going well, though it soon melted down into a series of disquieting events that ended in a murder suicide.

Tests on the food from the evening show that the food was tainted with fel magic. This food was fed to the masses, any who ate consumed it. More concerning was that the meat in particular was that of the flesh of the races of the Horde. Who is responsible for these actions remains unknown, though the murder suicide at Horde Tavern implies some connection.

A fresh recruit of the Nexus, bearing our tabard was responsible for the slaughter. Without warning, or being provoked, he lashed out and utterly eviserated a young elven woman from behind. The gory display horrifying for even veteran members of the Horde who bore witnessing the murder. The Forsaken responsible for the murder was quickly detained. Restrained he began screaming, proclaiming in a frenzy that his actions were my own orders, and thus the will of Forsaken High Command. He had no such orders. In his mad ravings he spoke of another figure head, of the Marshal and the promise of power.

I ordered his tabard stripped from him, Henry quickly and easily tore that tabard from him. That tabard is now of special interest, as it is now the only thing reamining of the Forsaken assassin. Shortly after having had the tabard torn from him, the Forsaken assassin blew up in a wave of emerald fire – seemingly a suicide, or not? A number of individuals were injured in the blast.

The tabard acquired from the assassin will soon be subject to arcane scrying in an attempt to learn more about this individual’s past.

Alarmingly, there was no soul for even our most talented of Necromancers to acquire. -Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U”

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Tournament Of Thorns

Tournament Of Thorns

    1st Place – Vurkgol – fighting on behalf of Megabucks Cartel
    2nd – Avaluria – fighting for the cause of ‘Peace, love, and tolerance.’
    3rd – Kelavin – fighting on behalf of the Sunguard.

OOC: The Tournament of Thorns went off without a hitch, and was a HUGE success! A lot of people came together to make this event possible, a special thanks to the Umbrella Enclave, Xulili, the sponsors and everyone in the Undercity Nexus who helped make this event possible no matter how big or small they contributed!

We really love this format, and will use this again in the future!

Total raised for the Humane Society: $50!!!!!! The full amount! Thank you Moon Guard for helping out homeless pets!

The Tournament Of Thorns had a record turn out, with the elite organizations of the Horde in attendance as well as many leaders. Everyone in attendance was eager to see the tournament play out.

The Cult Of Forgotten Priestess Sereta, a member of the Nexus, offered a opening prayer and blessing for the Champions. Unexpectedly they knelt before her, awaiting her words of encouragement and empowerment.

The duels were brutal, and no one easily yielded. The audience was frequently impressed, and cheers and chants could be heard through the night. During the opening round, the Champions were to first salute their generous patron, and then announce their cause. Afterward, they were free to lay on.

Aside from the tournament, there were other distractions offered. The Cult put forward one of their Priest, who in turn offered Death Predictions to those brave enough to learn of their ultimate fate. The death predictions were rather popular after the tournament had finished.

Tournament Of Thorns – UCN 1 Year Anniversary Party

Screw The Roses, Send Us The Thorns

Forsaken rp guild anniversary party

The Undercity Nexus is proud to announce, it’s 1 year anniversary! It’s been a busy year, and to celebrate this mile stone for our guild we are going to host a two night event. From the Dance Of The Dead to the trial and execution of the Arch-Bishop Mellar we have been very….very busy. Brace for blood shed, and a lot of fun.

  • May 22nd, 2014 – Champion’s Auction in the Undercity, 7pm server time!
  • May 23rd, 2014 – Tournament Of Thorns, Shadow Blessings, Death Predictions, Raffle (featuring Deathcharger mount) and more! The location is a surprise, we will provide summons @ 7pm server time!



Sponsor A Champion & IRL Charity Fundraiser – 7pm May 22nd, 2014

The Horde is known for taking great pride in the combat prowess of its soldiers. Champions of the Horde will put their skill, and honor up for bid for the highest bidder for the duel tournament. Members of the Horde will have the option to sponsor a Champion of the Horde, to assist the Champion in their armor and weapons costs…but also to have that Champion fight on the behalf of the bidders noble cause during the tournament.  (OOC: This is *NOT* a date auction.)

*Auction Gold: 50% will go the Champion (upon attending and fighting in the tournament), 50% to the Undercity Nexus. Gold payment will be issued at the tournament once a Champion has fought. If a Champion is a no show, the bidder will be refunded.

*Bidders: You will pay at the time in which you win your auction. If your Champion does not fight the next night, you will be refunded in full. Causes for you choosen Champion to fight for are strictly IC RP causes such as “In remembrance for the dead at the Battle for XXXXX”, or “For the honor of XXXXX”.

IRL Charity Details:
*For every Champion that goes for over 5,000 gold, I will donate $2 to the Humane Society on behalf of the bidder up to $50 for the entire event. After the event I’ll share photos of the transaction, and paperwork as proof of donation.

***************************Tournament Of Thorns*********************************

Champion’s Tournament Rules – 7pm, May 23rd, 2014

*Champion’s are expected to participate in the event on the 22nd prior to the tournament on the 23rd.
*DPS specs only.
*PVE or PVP gear allowed, choose your best and bring it.
*Arena rules apply – no flasks, or food.
*Late arrivals are permitted during the first round of eliminations. No late arrivals after the first bracket is over.*Champion’s are expected to fight in the tournament to receive their gold. If a Champion does not show up for the tournament, the sponsor will be refunded their gold in full.

*Tournament Prizes- First Place: 5,000 gold. Second Place: 2,500 gold. Third Place: 1,500 gold.


*See you there!*

Arathi Campaign – The Caravan

“Though defeated on the fight night of combat, we will not so easily yield or let this dampen our spirits. -U”


The siege has begun, and based on the skirmishes is already bloody. To try and turn back the tide of war, and the odds into the favor of the Horde we rode out to strike at a supply caravan of critical goods.


The siege has begun, and based on the skirmishes is already bloody. To try and turn back the tide of war, and the odds into the favor of the Horde we rode out to strike at a supply caravan of critical goods.


Horde rally before ride out.


The Horde caught the caravan outside the tunnel, blindsiding them. Clashing headlong into their forces, the fighting was bloody. There were heavy losses on both sides, and the wounded were dragged off the battlefield at alarming numbers. A medical station was held at Hammerfall, and soon was flooded with the injured.

Soldiers and leaders alike fell, the Horde was defeated…barely. The smell of blood, open wounds coupled with groans of pain made the Hammerfall camp less than peaceful overnight.

Snuffing Out The Light – Rp Event / Story

“One of our Lightslayers has acquired the…..presence of the ArchBishop Mellar. The Alliance are in an uproar, and we have a hear to remove from it’s shoulders. -U”


The Alliance are aware of his captivity and are eager to shed blood. The ArchBishop’s folly has stoked the Crusader’s fires.

During the darker winter months an icy rain frequently fell upon the Tirisfal Glades. Biting frigid waters from the north were drawn down along the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, bringing with them howling frigid rains. In the wake of such rain, layers of ice easily formed upon everything it touched – adding a sort of mythical beauty to the now twisted landscape. Most Forsaken who endured patrols and or were station in the Glades had to take extra special care to avoid undesirable conditions such as fungal infection brought on by the moist conditions, frozen limbs, and various other necrosis. 

The weather only compounded the bitter attitudes of the Deathguards stationed in the Glades. As it were, brutality was easy to provoke, and what hopes for mercy any living might have was cast aside during such unsavory conditions. Under the burden of the freezing rain, much of the fighting force ached for an excuse to unleash their ire upon any target that so warranted their malice.

So when a single human male, of great age made his way along the roads toward the Bulwark – it was only too soon for the otherwise mild if not curious matter to turn into blood sport…

Diminished in stature, and clearly made frail with age what sport was there in beating an old man? None. More so, it took the guards but a moment to note the presence of a great many of holy symbols on his robes to decide it was wises not to meddle with one who wielded the Light. It would be far more amusing to allow for the old man to pass, and then summon a Lightslayer…


“On they creep, to the Scarlet Keep.  

There in the Keep there lurks an old foe, who’s many misdeeds have grown.

Oh foolish Scarlets, little more than brazen harlots.

Those who have a grudge, are here now to judge.” (UC Nexus RP event, a night with the Scarlet Crusade)

The newer generation of Forsaken seem as outraged as the older generation when it comes to the Scarlet Crusade.

A good number of Scarlet Crusade tabards were returned.

Dominion Of The Sun Meeting

“The Dominion of the Sun sought aide, and contact…and so it was given. Now, to provide the sacrificial lamb for the plot in motion. -B”

The meeting between groups first began in Brill and then moved to on to a more secure location.


Matters spoken of very grim, and bloody.