Forsaken Council – RP Event

“The Forsaken Council and survey on behalf of High Command was a success with many voices and opinions offering problem solving solutions and fresh insight into the troubles we face.”

The Long Ride Home. Post Campaign.

“Another campaign, another long ride home through hostile territory.” – Screenshots are of the UCN ride out to return to the Northern Eastern Kingdoms after taking part on the latest Conquest RP Campaign on Moonguard.

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

The Dark Lady is no more, and so what of the Forsaken and their logo? We decided to revisit our own guild logo and update it. We opted for a Lordaeron shield theme, and went with a colorful design that better matches the overall style of Forsaken and undead. Concept by Banshih, art by Mirchea.

Fray At The Parlay

2019-02-25 22_08_51-World of Warcraft2019-02-25 22_35_45-World of Warcraft2019-02-25 23_30_19-World of Warcraft

“Negotiations regarding the fate of prisoners on either side of the conflict broke down, and a bloody brawl followed.”

Desert Patrol

2019-02-18 02_46_46-Window“Patrolling the desert ruins by night is preferred, as the campfires of Alliance forces betray just where they sleep.” (RP-PVP Campaign this week and next)

2019-02-18 03_53_11-Window