Deployment: Dragon Isles

“To the Dragon Isles, we go. Our deployment has us assisting our allies, offering military and medical support as we venture into the unknown. This is the first time in many years we have departed from the Eastern Kingdoms.”

Rally In The Ruins

“A rally was called, as our elven allies to the north have asked for aide. Once more those of the Eastern Kingdoms are charged to answer the call to face peril in distant lands.”

Lordaeron Memorial March

“Once more a great host of mourners gathered to observe the Scourging of Lordaeron. For many years we have gathered to observe the loss of our families, friends, lovers, and countrymen. On this occasion, the date has shifted to allow for the march to be observed at the start of Hallow’s End. This year we retraced Prince Arthas Menethil’s walk from Stratholme, to the Throneroom of Lordaeron where he murdered his father.

Notable of those observing the Memorial were members of the Dread WAtch, Death Knights, who stood by the blood stain upon the throne room floor. In silence, they soon in reverend regard, honoring and protecting the very place where our King fell.”

Speaking For The Dead (Kosh’harg)

Our Orcish allies have gathered to once more observe the seasonal shifts of the passage of time. For such an occasion as the seasons slip into the cold dark of winter, we reflect on the life cycle. As such, we were honored guests, chosen to speak for the honored dead to convey messages of hope, love, and grim warnings on the final night of this festival. On this night, we gathered hearts from slain beasts, and had the orcs make offerings of blood, maiming the heart in a fashion of their choice and from that damage reading their fates. When we ran out of hearts, the orcs made offerings of their own blood, opting to engage in ceremonial cuttings of their flesh to commune with their dead.” – Sister Tenacity

[RP-Event] Lordaeron Memorial Ride – Oct 16th, 2022

“We ride, we ride of our loved ones. We ride for our children, we ride for our mothers and fathers, and we ride for our sisters and brothers. We ride for every life stolen from us by the plague of undeath, and the cruelty of the Scourge. May we never forget that which was stolen from us, that which we loved.” -Sister Beatrice Of The Shadow, Cult Of Forgotten Shadow, Sect Of The Shovel Of Mercy

As Hallow’s End descends upon Azeroth once more, the Forsaken rally once more to celebrate their liberation from the Lich King. In remembrance of the fallen, the festivities this year will begin with a rally and ride in memory of the Fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron, and for the Horde who died defending the Undercity.

OOC Details
This event series is a part of the annual Dance Of The Dead rp event. Dance Of The Dead is an annual Halloween-inspired Forsaken rp event and tournament going back to 2007.

  • Date: Oct 16th, 2022 (Sunday)
  • Time: 8pm MG Server / 9 pm EST
  • Please Bring: Enchanted Lantern, Elixir Of Tongues & Inky Black Potion
  • Server: Moon Guard US (all rp servers welcome, anchors provided)
  • Factions: Horde & Neutral (this event will march through Horde areas and has a chance to aggro guards)
  • Level: Recommended 50+ due to mobs.
  • Tirisfal / Lordaeron Phase: We will be marching through to the 9.2.5 phase of Lordaeron Keep, the Throne Room. Those taking part need to be level 60, and have finished the 9.2.5 quest to take part in the march.
  • Contact: Banshih, Mirchea
  • Hosted By: Undercity Nexus & The Eternal Court Of Lorderon
  • Start: Stratholme Front Gates, Eastern Plaguelands
  • End: Throne Room Of Lordaeron, in 9.2.5 patch phase.

Tournament Of Ages – Day 1

Horde rally and ride out to Tournament Of Ages
Horde rally and ride out to Tournament Of Ages

Horde rally and ride out to Tournament Of Ages
Horde rally and ride out to Tournament Of Ages
Horde rally and ride out to Tournament Of Ages
Horde rally and ride out to Tournament Of Ages

Website for more event information:

WoW’s Hidden World: Moon Guard Roleplay

If you are curious about the Moon Guard rp server, we recommend checking out this video which highlights many wonderful aspects of our community. Several clips and features of the video feature moments captured from the recent Oath Swearing ceremony event. UCN as a guild makes a good number of appearances in this video 🙂