HomeFront Campaign – RP

Deathstalker #1357r – Field Report

The 16th of June, 2021, Year of our Queen

“Most of the day was spent quelling the Quilboar assault on Watershed; Lead by Commander Ranstrom, we fended off the beasts with little trouble. The Geomancers continue to prove themselves more of a constant annoyance than a threat. Aside from the attack on the High Warlord earlier this week, they’ve only managed to culminate their combined powers into making rock-bridges, and a single Thorn Golem, the later of which proved to be the only threat to lay real damage against our forces.”

“With Kelsin’s report of the K’thir encountered in the caves, I took it upon myself to do more information gathering, and lent an ear to the goings-on in the Commander debrief. It has come to my attention that the void threat was not fully realized by the attending leadership. Stepping into the meeting, with the High Warlord’s permission, I advised them to take a more hands-on approach when it came to the security of Razor Hill: Medical staff has been directed to check, double-check, and triple-check any of those who come into contact with the Void threat, namely any who attended excursions into Cultist activities. The High Warlord has requested the Nexus assist with additional guard postings in and around the Medbay as additional security, in case any further void ‘Infections’ be discovered.”

“It is still unknown what is to be done with the civilians who were rescued from the Burning Blade coven, though I suggest any who display odd or erratic behavior be dealt with quickly and quietly. It is clear some of the other leaders do not share similar views on the efficiency and security of an active Warfront.”

[The bottom half of the report consists of a map, detailing suggested locations for additional defenses around Razor Hill, including landmines, tripwires, as well as pre-determined coordinates for aerial bombardments, with several crudely-drawn Quilboar corpses.]

Undead Hierarchy

Within the undead there is status, and a sort of unspoken hierarchy that can be gleamed within canon. Armed with lore, a few of us have been working on establishing a hierarchy chart to express the power structures within the armies of the undead.

Starting at the top are the upmost respected and powerful character types. Within each column are types of undead. This is our current guild lore, and others are welcome to use it within their own RP as well. Please be aware of the documentation version number on the top right. We plan on updating and changing this document as lore is further discussed. The most recent version of this document is 2.8, which was published on May 19th, 2021.

Happy 8 Year Anniversary UCN!

Today marks 8 years of the <Undercity Nexus>! Thank you everyone for being a part of our story, and for your support. We look forward to more adventures and rp for years to come.

Undead Tavern Night

  • TIME: 9pm server
  • DATE: Every Thursday
  • SERVER: Moon Guard – US
  • Location: Ambermill Tavern in Silverpine (this location is being used as a proxy setting for somewhere that the Forsaken control in-game)
  • Factions: Horde & Neutral (Argents)

Join the for a weekly undead-focused tavern night! This open rp social is a free mingle, and casual setting for undead characters on the Horde and in neutral factions to gather with like-minded souls. Characters will be sitting around talking, relaxing, and doing off-duty rp. This is a wonderful way to casually find undead themed rp, meet new players, and enjoy a bit of rotter lore.

Requirements to join? None, just show up on your undead character that is on the Horde, or from a neutral faction such as the Argent Crusade.

Forsaken Council – RP Event

“The Forsaken Council and survey on behalf of High Command was a success with many voices and opinions offering problem solving solutions and fresh insight into the troubles we face.”